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Message from Susan Rounds, President

The soft snow falling outside the window reminds me winter has arrived. It is one of my favorite times of year with The Idaho Native Plant Society because of the chance to attend evening presentations about our native plants and the insect/animal communities associated with them. It is lovely to come in from the snow to see pictures of wildflowers in the sun. Sharing that with friends makes it even warmer.

Spring and summer will come in their turn, and the activity will continue.

We are a community of individuals united by a desire to learn more about our native flora. The members come from a wide array of backgrounds and interest levels. Yes, some of our members know Latin and are highly trained Botanists. There is also a high level of acceptance and appreciation for those who have other backgrounds. The only requirement is an interest in native Plants.

Attending Native Plant Society meetings supports hope for the future. There are places where the wildflowers still bloom, and people who care deeply that they do.

Here's to hope and expanding the potential for our native grasses, forbs, shrubs, trees and the fauna they support.

Please come join us!

Thank you, Susan Rounds, President, White Pine Chapter of INPS

Welcome to the INPS White Pine Chapter website. You can find out more about our chapter by reading through these web pages. We welcome your comments. If you would like to know more about the state organization, Idaho Native Plant Society, you can read more on the state website's About INPS page.

We generally hold chapter meetings once (occasionally twice) a month in January through May and again in the early fall. Field trips may be in any month but are primarily in the spring and summer. Please check the Current Events Calendar for our full schedule - or click here for a one-page printable agenda. Occasionally our meetings and field trips are held in conjunction with other organizations with similar interests and goals. Our meetings and field trips are open to the public and we encourage you to join us. We would welcome your ideas of possible presentation topics and field trips.

If you have a presentation you would be interested in giving to the chapter or you could lead a field trip to a special place where you have knowledge of the plants and ecosystem, please mention it to one of the officers listed on the Contact page.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon!

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White Pine photo by Dr. Wm Hall


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