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President's Message Winter 2015
Plant Sale 2015 Thanks

President's Message Fall 2015

Each season of the year brings its own magic, Early spring brought new growth, new life, in the form of newly transplanted trees and shrubs, and an explosion of insect activity. Many new native plants were sold by INPS at another successful plant sale at the 1912 Center to boost native populations. To our members, volunteers and visitors, Thank you!

Early summer brought the joy of watching a ground nesting leaf cutter bee. My curiosity was piqued when I first saw her land, a circle of green held in her back legs, and disappear into a bare patch of dirt. Closer examination revealed a tiny hole with a threshold of fine clay. That eased my upset over a nearby alumroot whose leaves were looking particularly chewed. When the burrow was finished, 5 spruce needles were left by the bee to mark and hold the doorway for future exit.

The hot dry summer wreaked havoc on plant communities across our entire region. Relief for me came in attending the Idaho/Wyoming State Meeting in Driggs, Idaho in July. Lush vegetation, daily rain and the company of old friends and new softened the advent of heat in our region. Throughout the summer, foresters, rangers and land managers were in the forefront of education, assessment and protection of recreational and public spaces. Firefighters stepped into hot, dirty and sometimes dangerous work to limit the damage. Without the efforts of all of these people, our journey this summer would have been ever so much worse. Thank you!

The season is now turning to autumn. Fires still burn in some areas, and those caring for the land are still hard at work. Recent rain, and cool nights have also brought relief for entire communities, whether plant, animal or human. At the White Pine Chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society we are looking forward to reconnecting with our members and friends through programs, field trips and our annual chapter meeting in October. The White Pine Chapter is hosting the state INPS meeting in June 2016. All of our board positions are filled. I am deeply grateful to our board, chapter members, friends and supporters. Thank you, one and all!

Susan Rounds, White Pine Chapter President

Welcome to the INPS White Pine Chapter website. You can find out more about our chapter by reading through these web pages. We welcome your comments. If you would like to know more about the state organization, Idaho Native Plant Society, you can read more on the state website's About INPS page.

We generally hold chapter meetings once (occasionally twice) a month in January through May and again in the early fall. Field trips may be in any month but are primarily in the spring and summer. Please check the Current Events Calendar for our full schedule - or click here for a one-page printable agenda. Occasionally our meetings and field trips are held in conjunction with other organizations with similar interests and goals. Our meetings and field trips are open to the public and we encourage you to join us. We would welcome your ideas of possible presentation topics and field trips.

If you have a presentation you would be interested in giving to the chapter or you could lead a field trip to a special place where you have knowledge of the plants and ecosystem, please mention it to one of the officers listed on the Contact page.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon!

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White Pine photo by Dr. Wm Hall


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